Conestoga, Sault presidents exchange words on topic of international students

Emotions have flared between the presidents of Conestoga College and Sault College on the topic of international students. On a recent episode of the “Inside the Village” podcast, Sault President David Orazietti referred to Conestoga while discussing bad actors in the international student market. The comments reportedly “hit a nerve” with Conestoga President John Tibbits, whose strong response included comments about Orazietti and referenced a lack of housing at Sault’s Toronto campus. Orazietti told SooToday that he was “shocked that a public college president […] would resort to lashing out with personal attacks and blatant misinformation.” In an interview with CBC, Tibbits said that he “regrets” his comments about Orazietti. Postscript: Conestoga College’s Board of Governors announced that it has launched an internal review into Tibbits’s comments.

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