Considering micro-credential development, roles: Opinion

Governments must consider how micro-credentials are developed and what their role in education and training is, write Bow Valley College President Misheck Mwaba, Future Skills Centre Director of Government & Public Affairs Noel Baldwin, and FSC Senior Policy Analyst Steve Richter. Mwaba, Baldwin, and Richter describe how these short programs are enticing for both employees and employers. The authors encourage governments to be mindful of the way micro-credentials are developed and ensure that micro-credentials continue to be “anchored to an economic or skills strategy,” as this influences their value. Mwaba, Baldwin, and Richter discuss how micro-credentials can also be designed to be accessible to people who are less able to access educational opportunities, and emphasize the need to gather more data on micro-credentials and labour market information to understand the ways in which they support Canadians navigating the labour market. Policy Opinions Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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