Dal, SMU host athletes, events for 2023 North American Indigenous Games


Dalhousie University and Saint Mary’s University are playing a part in hosting the 2023 North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) this year. With athletes representing 756 Indigenous nations descending on Halifax to participate in NAIG, Dal is hosting over 1,110 athletes, coaches, and staff in campus residences while SMU is hosting about 700 athletes in its residences. Both universities have opened a number of their facilities and taken steps to make athletes more comfortable during their stay: Dal stated that athletes will have access to spaces such as the Indigenous Student Centre and campus dining halls, while SMU will be offering a special menu in its dining halls and has installed posters with welcome messages in Mi’kmaq and English across campus. Dal is also hosting basketball events at the Sexton and Dalplex gyms as well as swimming events at the Dalplex pool, while SMU will be hosting the wrestling and basketball competitions at its facilities.

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