Educators contemplate student use of ChatGPT in the classroom


Postsecondary educators continue to grapple with the student use of artificial intelligence – like ChatGPT – in the classroom. CBC reports that Cambrian College Instructors Nathan Abourbih and Jessica Joy have hosted workshops for faculty to discuss how ChatGPT could be used to benefit classroom discussions. Abourbih and Joy stress that AI is here to stay and that proactive institutional policies will be needed to cope with its presence. Global Newsexamined the use of AI tools in Manitoba classrooms. Francois Jordaan, an academic integrity specialist from the University of Manitoba, emphasized the importance of getting to know individual students’ writing styles in order to detect AI-related deviations. Nadine Ogborn of Red River College Polytechnic added that academic integrity breaches related to ChatGPT are the exception, not the rule, and asserted that most students remain academically honest.

CBC | Global News