Encampments at UWaterloo, Western dismantled, UoGuelph urges students to leave


The encampments at the University of Waterloo and Western University have ended, while the University of Guelph has escalated its efforts to urge protesters to dismantle their encampment. At UWaterloo, CTV News reports that Occupy UW voluntarily decamped on Sunday after the university agreed to withdraw its $1.5M claim and injunction. At Western, CBC reports that protesters cleared the encampment from campus after the university warned that it would take an unspecified “disciplinary action.” Protest groups from both UWaterloo and Western told the media that they would continue to apply pressure on the universities in other ways. At UoGuelph, the university has issued a legal trespass notice to students at the pro-Palestinian encampment on campus after the encampment was not dismantled by a Sunday night deadline.

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