Federal court ruling in favour of study permit applicant has positive implications for international students: CIC News


A recent decision by the Federal Court on Tehrani v Canada has positive implications for international students, writes Julia Hornstein for CIC News. Mahyar Haji Tehrani, a citizen of Iran, was accepted to Northeastern University in Toronto and applied for a study permit to enter Canada. His application was reportedly refused when the officer was not satisfied that the applicant would leave Canada after the program was complete. The court ruled that the officer’s decision—particularly the errant references to Tehrani’s establishment in Iran and need for further education, as well as using tuition payment history—was unreasonable and that the applicant was denied procedural fairness. Hornstein writes that this ruling emphasizes educational affordability and could remove a barrier for foreign nationals who are unable to pay their full tuition at the time of submitting a study permit application.

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