Former UManitoba law dean expense claims disputed in disciplinary hearing 


The professional disciplinary hearing for former University of Manitoba Law Dean Jonathan Black-Branch is continuing in the Law Society of Manitoba this week. In the case, which is focused on allegations of misspent university funds, several lawyers are contesting the hospitality expenses filed by Black-Branch that name them as guests at meals. A total of 141 receipts from the Manitoba Club were filed as hospitality expenses for entertaining at least one guest for school-related business: Four of the lawyers listed as guests refuted most or all of the claims that they ate with Black-Branch on the receipts they are named on. Lawyer Ronald Coke stated that he visited the Club on about six occasions with Black-Branch, “not 45” as was submitted on the receipts. UManitoba states that “a number of measures” were implemented to “strengthen internal controls” beginning in 2021.

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