Fraudsters draw on ULaval’s brand, staff identity in social media ads targeting foreign students

Fraudsters recently drew on the brand and reputation of Université Laval, as well as images and names of its senior leadership, to con foreign students looking to study in Québec, reports Journal de Montréal. Prospective student Corine Époupa explained that she spotted an ad about scholarships for study at ULaval; upon inquiring, a person claiming to be ULaval rector Sophie D’Amours responded and invited Époupa to fill out a form and pay a $240 CAD fee to secure the scholarship. Époupa explained that the evidently “enormous availability” of D’Amours and the design of the form gave her reason to question the validity of the situation. ULaval told the Journal that it is aware of and monitors for these fraud attempts and noted that it has published information on its website to help protect students.

Journal de Montréal