Groups call on SK to provide more funding to URegina


As the University of Regina prepares its budget for next year, groups such as the University of Regina’s Faculty Association (URFA) and provincial NDP part have called on the Government of Saskatchewan to step in to provide more funding for the institution. URegina’s 2022 annual report for the 2021-22 fiscal year found that inflation and enrolment drops were the biggest factor in the development of a $15.3M deficit. URFA president Britt Hall is calling for SK to review the four-year funding agreement that URegina signed with SK in 2021 to address challenges brought about by inflation and avoid the impacts budget cuts will have on programs. “Public education is under the purview of the provincial government,” explained Hall. SK Advanced Education Minister Gord Wyant said that the province will wait for the university to finish its budgeting process before discussing more funding.

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