HEC, McMaster support AI research projects receiving funding from SCALE AI

SCALE AI recently announced $25M in investments to support AI projects in areas such as supply chain intelligence platforms, workforce decision-making, and planning. HEC MontrĂ©al is involved in a project led by the Maritime Employers Association that has received $1.5M from SCALE AI to optimise the constantly varying daily workload at the Port of MontrĂ©al. McMaster University’s MiSCAN Lab is part of a project that has received $1M to develop a software that will help small- and medium-enterprises understand their supply chain health. “By strengthening collaborations between all industry players, we have contributed to the interactions between AI labs, AI product and service providers and companies that drive innovations and their implementation on the field,” said SCALE AI CEO Julien Billot. Newswire (SCALE AI) Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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