How AI can be used in postsecondary communications, marketing: Opinion


Marketing and communications offices at postsecondary institutions will be increasingly pushed to consider how the use of artificial intelligence (AI) could fit into their work, writes Lee Gardner for the Chronicle of Higher Ed. The author discusses the increased need for college marketers to boost engagement, often without the budget increases necessary for hiring, which makes the adoption of AI seem like a potential solution. Gardner speaks with marketing and communications leaders from a variety of institutions who offer insight on how they perceive and use AI in their work. While some marketers said that they are leveraging AI to support content and idea generation, others are questioning if the oft-generic messaging created by AI is useful when postsecondary institutions need to differentiate themselves. While adopting AI may seem intimidating, some marketers also noted that those not using the technology may be introduced to it as it is integrated into common software platforms.

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