How leaders can foster social responsibility in higher education: Opinion


In an editorial for The EvoLLLution, Anthony Lee (President of Westcliff University) discusses how higher education can foster social responsibility. Lee discusses how Westcliff’s community members demonstrate the institution’s core values—including integrity, global citizenship, compassion and diversity, and equity and inclusivity—through activities such as volunteer work, partnerships with nonprofits, and the creation of scholarships for students from diverse backgrounds. Lee offers a list of guiding principles that university leaders can draw on to implement similar higher education social responsibility initiatives. Among these, the author encourages leaders to seek out others who are committed to making a positive impact, develop a well-defined strategy that outlines the institution’s goals and how philanthropic efforts will align with these goals, and engage all stakeholders—from employees to students to alumni—in the pursuit of the institution’s goals.

The EvoLLLution