How to improve adult education in Canada by drawing on lessons from the past, NZ: Report

In a newly published paper for the Institute for Research on Public Policy, University of British Columbia Associate Professor Jude Walker explores adult education in Canada and the key lessons that can be drawn from the past and from New Zealand. Adult education is an essential part of skills development in Canada, but it remains a “poor cousin” of compulsory and higher education, writes Walker. In an accompanying editorial, Walker identifies key areas for action across federal, provincial, and territorial governments, including bringing adult education into the mainstream and professionalizing and recognizing adult educators with increased pay and professional certification. “By drawing on lessons from our past and from other countries’ experiences,” she concludes, “we can bring all government and non-government actors together to devise a nationally coherent system of adult education that will create a better future for us all.” IRPP Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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