Increase MB college seats will benefit areas of need: Frison


Manitoba needs more college seats, but change will require community support, writes Assiniboine Community College President Mark Frison. Frison discusses the longstanding need for more college seats in Manitoba and ACC’s work to increase the number of graduates and address MB’s low postsecondary participation rate. The author writes that while MB has now improved its postsecondary participation rate, it has slipped on its number of college seats. Frison writes that MB’s recent throne speech signaled a commitment to work with MB colleges and increase the availability of college seats. He concludes by encouraging the community to view this as a positive move, rather than listening to “actors who want to politicize it as some sort of attack on postsecondary programs that may appear to have a less direct line of sight to the labour market.”

Brandon Sun (Acct. Req.)