Institutions announce new bursaries and funding for students affected by invasion of Ukraine

Postsecondary institutions across Canada have announced supports for students affected by the invasion of Ukraine and other challenges. The University of Manitoba has pledged up to $1M through an emergency bursary fund, which will help students who are in financial distress pay for their tuition and living expenses. Western University has invested $600K in direct financial assistance for students and scholars who are facing disruption and displacement as a result of conflicts in their home countries, and is also creating new research opportunities for students and scholars who have been displaced by global crises. The Ontario colleges have also made a joint donation to UNICEF’s Ukraine emergency fund, and will be offering impacted students support in the form of international tuition relief bursaries, accommodations, and emergency funds. CBC (UManitoba)| Western| Durham Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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