Institutions must invest in part-time faculty as a way of supporting student success: Opinion

Postsecondary institutions need to invest in part-time faculty to support student success, writes Rachel Bonaparte. Bonaparte argues that while part-time faculty tend to outnumber full-time faculty, they have been the most vulnerable during the pandemic and have often not received the same supports as their full-time counterparts. The author advises institutions to intentionally create a space with resources for part-time faculty members so that they have access to an office and other necessities, expand professional development opportunities for part-time faculty, and invest in these faculty members’ long-term goals. “As we continue to transition to a post-pandemic world, institutions should apply the same energy and commitment that they do to ensuring student success in their future endeavors to ensuring part-time faculty members in theirs,” writes Bonaparte. Inside Higher Ed Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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