Instructors need to rethink optional attendance: Opinion


Instructors should rethink optional attendance policies given the impact these can have on student perceptions and experiences, writes Eric Skipper. Skipper writes that optional attendance gives students the message that what is happening in class may not be important and may lead to a diminished classroom experience for those who do come to class. The author writes that young people are struggling with loneliness and isolation and ensuring that they come to class can address their need for authentic and meaningful interactions, enable faculty members to better help them, and expose them to more diverse viewpoints. “By implementing attendance policies that imbue students with responsibility rather than absolve them from it, we can help to re-establish a culture of community and caring,” writes Skipper. “More than our intellect will benefit.” Inside Higher Ed (Acct. Req.) Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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