International student recruitment in Global North “hit with chaos”: Opinion


In a recent article for University World News, Philip G Altbach (Boston College) and Hans de Wit (Boston College) discuss the the “chaos” that has hit international student recruitment throughout the Global North. Altbach and de Wit discuss the history of international student mobility and the flow of students from the Global South to the Global North. In recent years, however, Altbach and de Wit write that countries like Australia, Britain, and Canada have seen their dominance in the international education sector challenged as they contend with factors such as reduced public support for higher education and immigration, an increased reliance on international student fees, and the rise of a “huge and varied private sector in higher education” that includes private institutions and recruiting firms. Throughout the article, Altbach and de Wit provide examples of how different countries are approaching this “chaotic” international student file.

University World News