Investigation into the use of action research in the classroom: Study


Norwegian researchers Ida Bruheim Jensen (University of Stavanger) and Kenan Dikilitas (UStavanger) have published a review of the use of action research in humanities and social sciences classrooms. In the classroom, action research—a “practically oriented research approach” that overlaps with research-based teaching—positions students as “integral actors of the research processes.” Jensen and Dikilitas found that students were positioned as active co-researchers (16%); contributing learners (58%); or as a “source of information” (26%). Activities that consist of “genuine” teacher-student collaboration where students act as co-researchers had the greatest benefit. However, the authors note that the practice faces barriers to implementation such as a lack of time or resources, skepticism or resistance from institutional management, and student discomfort with or resistance to taking on a more active role.

Teaching in Higher Education