Kahnistensera unhappy with search for unmarked graves at McGill’s Royal Victoria Hospital site


As the search for unmarked graves at McGill University’s former Royal Victoria Hospital site continues, the Mohawk Mothers (Kahnistensera) have expressed their frustration with not being adequately consulted or heard. APTN News reports that Kahnistensera was not consulted regarding communications issued by McGill and SQI about project progress, and that these communications excluded important information. APTN News reports that Kahnistensera have also called for Mohawk security guards after an incident where a security guard removed the Kahnistensera from the grounds. “The process can no longer by any means be considered Indigenous-led, as the SQI and McGill attempt to control the whole process, reducing the role of Indigenous people to performing ceremonies on the site,” said Kahentineth of Kahnistensera.

APTN News | McGill