Laurentian pledges ‘full co-operation’ in response to scathing auditor general’s report

Following the release of the ON auditor general’s report, reports that Laurentian University has pledged its “full co-operation” and committed itself to “immediate actions.” During a recent board of governors meeting, Board Chair Jeff Bangs reportedly indicated that some of Lysyk’s preliminary report was incorrect. “Some of what she said the other day is … not entirely correct,” said Bangs. “We believe that. But that’s not to challenge her in any way, because she came to conclusions and formulated a preliminary report of eight pages based on the information that she had available to her and the answers that she had had up until that point been provided.” Both Bangs and Laurentian President Robert Haché indicated that the move to enter the insolvency process was unavoidable and that the institution had no alternative. Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links. (1) | (1) | (1)