Lethbridge, Southern Irrigation partner to study subsurface drip fertigation

Lethbridge College has partnered with Southern Irrigation to the use of subsurface drip fertigation (SDF). SDF is a process that drips water and fertilizer onto plant rootzones using pipes. The college’s irrigation research farm, in partnership with Southern Irrigation, has installed subsurface drip piping on 15 acres of land at the farm. Lethbridge will study the effects of SDF on two crops and gain information about water and fertilizer use and movement into the rootzone and crop yields to set a baseline for further studies. The study initially started as a small-scale research project and has graduated to a field-scale study funded by the Results Driven Agriculture Research and the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. Lethbridge| Lethbridge Herald Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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