McGill lecturer files $300K lawsuit after allegedly being passed over for a promotion


McGill University lecturer Jonathan Dagenais has filed a lawsuit against the university stating that he was unfairly dismissed. The Journal de Montréal reports that Dagenais asserts that he was a “victim of discrimination” during the hiring process because he is a white man, and that the university had “no intention” of granting him a professorship that he applied to. Dagenais’s lawyer stated he was the best candidate for the role, but that he “never had a chance to get this position.” The $300K lawsuit claims that Dagenais’s fundamental rights were breached. The Journal reports that thirty students from the school of music wrote a letter to the dean requesting a reconsideration of the hiring decision. None of the allegations have been proven in court and McGill has declined to comment on the case.

Journal de Montréal | Global News