McGill, UAlberta take steps to dismantle pro-Palestinian encampments

McGill University and the University of Alberta have taken new steps to dismantle the encampments on their respective campuses. McGill is seeking a court injunction against the protesters that would require them to dismantle the camp and refrain from any further occupation. UAlberta called on the Edmonton Police Service on Saturday to remove the encampment due to concerns about the university community’s safety. “Had anyone been injured or killed, the responsibility for this would rest squarely with the university,” asserted UAlberta President Bill Flanagan. Police officers in riot gear reportedly cleared the camp and arrested three protesters; organizers told the Edmonton Journal that the encampment was peaceful and that the police response was disproportionate.
P.S. McGill University’s application for a court injunction was reportedly rejected. CBC reports that Justice Marc St-Pierre felt that McGill failed to justify the urgent need to dismantle the camp, stating that no serious or violent incident had occurred since the encampment’s establishment.

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