MRC de Portneuf hopes to reach agreement to bring study centre to Portneuf region

Journal de Montréal reports that representatives of MRC de Portneuf are looking to establish a college study centre in the Portneuf region. MRC states that Portneuf has a lower university graduation rate than the provincial average and has sufficient eligible students to support the centre’s viability. MRC prefect Bernard Gaudreau explained that a project to place a cégep in the region has been an ongoing discussion for a long time, but that the organization is now seeking to introduce a centre that is affiliated with an existing cégep. The Journal reports that a similar approach has been used to bring campuses to regions such as Lac-Mégantic, Sainte-Marie, and La Tuque. The MRC of Portneuf is hopeful of reaching an agreement with a cégep in the coming weeks.

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