NSCAD U institute studying Canadian slavery closes doors after founding director resigns

NSCAD University’s Institute for the Study of Canadian Slavery has reportedly closed its doors after founding director Charmaine Nelson resigned from her role, citing discrimination. Nelson told CBC about several issues she encountered while at the university, such as not receiving answers to her questions about the parameters of her authority as institute director, being blocked from giving her student employees raises through a federal grant, and being reprimanded for an error via an email that was additionally sent to students and colleague. NSCAD U President Peggy Shannon stated in an email to CBC that the university “takes racism and structural racism very seriously.” NSCAD U Chief of Staff Bruce DeBaie stated that funding for the institute remains with the university, and that the institute will “likely evolve and operate under a different name” upon the hiring of a new director. CBC| Halifax Examiner Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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