ON minister assured Canada Christian College of university status regardless of PEQAB: Gray, Freeze


The Globe and Mail reports that recently released transcripts of a 2020 phone call between former Government of Ontario Minister of Colleges and Universities Ross Romano and Canada Christian College President Charles McVety contradict public statements from ON stating that PEQAB approval would be required for the college to attain university status. The Globe states that Romano advised McVety to follow the PEQAB process and address any shortcomings in order to either get a positive recommendation or make it “as easy as possible for me to sign off no matter what.” On the call, McVety also took issue with PEQAB publishing the college’s application on its website without redacting sensitive information, which PEQAB CEO James Brown later apologized for. OCUFA President Nigmendra Narain described the transcript contents as “alarming” and “another example of the government’s problematic approach to our universities.”

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