ON proposes free tuition, no PSE requirement for policing


The Government of Ontario has announced that it wants to eliminate the $15,450 tuition fee for basic Constable training at the Ontario Police College, as well as the postsecondary education requirement to become a police officer. CBC reports that the proposed changes are intended to help police forces across the province, which are currently struggling to recruit new officers. If the legislature is passed, recruits will only be required to have a high school diploma or equivalent to become a police officer. The province would additionally cover the tuition fee for basic constable training and increase the number of recruits trained each year at OPC. “We listened to the concerns about recruitment shortfalls and training limitations and have taken steps to remove barriers and expand the possibilities for those considering a career as a police officer,” said ON Solicitor General Michael Kerzner.

Blackburn News | CBC | CP24