Outbound student numbers could stagnate with slowing world GDP: Study

A recent study commissioned by the British Council has found a historic correlation between the growth rates of the world GDP and the number of outbound students per nation and raised a warning about the slowing growth of both. The study predicted that the most significant growth rate slowdowns could be seen in China, India, Vietnam, Nigeria, and Indonesia. It also pointed to Nigeria, Turkey, Ghana, Pakistan, Brazil, and Mexico as countries facing “particularly high levels of macroeconomic risk” that could affect their outgoing international student numbers. The study named countries such as Bangladesh, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam as “rising stars” in the international student sector, given their supportive conditions for future growth and moderate risk levels. While growth is expected to continue, the researchers advised UK policy makers to take a strategic approach to targeting markets and allocating resources to meet international student recruitment targets.

The PIE News