Postsecondary institutions review, plan for the future of their campuses


Several institutions have been reflecting on and developing new plans for their campuses and physical spaces. Concordia University has released a master plan for the facilities on the Loyola and Sir George Williams campuses. The plan outlines its campus vision across points such as mobility and transportation, inclusion and accessibility, heritage buildings, and sustainability. The Spectator reports that Mohawk College is interested in expanding its Fennel Avenue West site. Mohawk had previously secured a deal with the provincial government to purchase the brow lands in 2020, but ON reportedly stepped back in favour of establishing a long-term care home. York University’s Senate has sponsored a forum to discuss the opportunities posed by a multi-campus university. The forum comes at a time when York is preparing for the launch of its Markham campus in 2024 and undertakeing a revisioning process at Glendon College.

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