Questions, concerns expressed after town hall at Queen’s

Comments made at a recent Queen’s University faculty town hall and printed in a student paper have reportedly sparked questions and concerns about the university’s financial situation. Sofia Tosello of the student-run Queen’s Journal reports that, at a Faculty of Arts and Science town hall in December, Queen’s Provost Matthew Evans expressed concern for “the survival of this institution” if the budgetary issues are not addressed. CTV News reports that a letter sent to students by the university at the end of November also indicated that the “university is facing significant financial challenges.” Globe and Mail reports that town hall attendees were reportedly sceptical of the situation, and some pointed to a previous report by DBRS Morningstar that declared that the university is in a strong position to deal with budgetary pressures. The town hall was reportedly concluded by students storming the stage and calling for transparency.

Queen’s Journal | Global News | CTV News