Report forecasts increasing total costs of postsecondary education 


A new forecast from Canadian RESP company Embark highlights how the costs of postsecondary education—which they define as including both tuition and residence costs for a four-year degree—is increasing in Canada. Embark forecasts that the costs of a four-year degree will rise by 39% to $104,898 over the next 18 years. Provinces such as Nova Scotia (1), Ontario (2), and New Brunswick (3) were identified as the most expensive places to study in Canada, while British Columbia (8), Manitoba (9), and Newfoundland (10) were the least expensive. Embark stated that 31% of surveyed Canadian parents could not guess how much an education costs, and when parents did guess, their estimates were on average $10K lower than the national average. CTV News reports that students in AB are concerned about rising tuition rates, given the increases over the past four years. 

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