Senators urge governments to resolve challenges with international student program: Discussion Paper


Four Canadian senators–Sabi Marwah, Ratna Omidvar, Yuen Pau Woo, and Hassan Yussuff–recently published a discussion paper urging federal, provincial, and territorial governments to better manage the country’s international student program. International students have recently become the subject of ongoing debates pertaining to housing supply and affordability, but the senators contend that “international students are […] the victims of limited and often unsuitable housing,” in addition to facing high tuition fees, limited supports, and, in some cases, abuse. The paper concludes with recommendations for how governments can strengthen the international student program, including by reviewing the financial stability of postsecondary institutions, addressing the housing supply, and better informing international students about their rights.

Ratna Omidvar (PDF) | Ratna Omidvar