Seneca program cut, NWP course cuts cause concern for students, industry


The closure of a program at Seneca College and course cuts at Northwestern Polytechnic are causing concern for students and industry. CBC and Deeper Blue report that Seneca has cancelled its commercial diving program due to low student demand and high operating costs. The commercial diving industry has cited concerns about workplace safety and labour shortages, as there is a need for more qualified people in the industry. While students will be able to finish their program, they will have to travel out of province to complete their recertification. In Alberta, CBC reports that NWP will not be offering music or advanced French courses in the next academic year. NWP President Justin Kohlman said that the institution only receives a set amount of government funding and that demand in other areas such as healthcare and the trades has increased while enrolment has declined in French and music. Kohlman added that the polytechnic will also be examining demand for the campus’s music conservatory.

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