SFU student president resigns citing mental health reasons

Simon Fraser Student Society President Gabe Liosis has stepped down from his position, citing the need to prioritize his mental health in an open letter. A statement from Liosis shared by the Simon Fraser Student Society explains that though serving as President “has been the greatest honour of my life,” the pandemic led to mental health issues, which combined with the difficulty of his role to make the situation “increasingly unbearable.” “But I do not, and will not, regret taking any actions I deem necessary to protect my mental health, even if it means stepping away from a job that I love with immense passion,” wrote Liosis. Tom Zytaruk of the Surrey Now-Leader commended Liosis for having the courage to honestly speak about the mental health challenges brought on by the pandemic and destigmatizing these mental health issues. The Georgia Straight| Surrey Now-Leader| SFSS Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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