StatCan analysis finds COVID-19 pandemic affected employment, education plans of class of 2020


A Statistics Canada analysis of the postsecondary graduating class of 2020 has found that many graduates’ employment and further education plans were affected by the pandemic. In 2020, 30% of graduates lost their job or were laid off, 25% had an employment prospect cancelled, and 10% experienced a delay or cancellation of the start date of a new job. Three years out from their respective graduation dates, StatCan reported that the class of 2020 had a similar employment rate to the class of 2015; but the unemployment rate of those who experienced pandemic-related changes to their employment was twice as high as that of their classmates. In terms of educational plans, StatCan states that one third of graduates changed their plans for further education, with 21% delaying or cancelling their further studies plans and 9% opting to take on new education.

StatCan | Global News