Strike updates from BrandonU, Memorial, MSVU, YorkU

Several postsecondary institutions have released strike updates pertaining to ongoing negotiations. The Brandon Sun reports that Brandon University and the BrandonU Faculty Association have made progress on a new collective agreement, thus temporarily averting a strike. At Memorial University, the Lecturers’ Union of Memorial University of Newfoundland (LUMUN) voted in favour of a strike mandate after LUMUN stopped engaging in conciliation efforts with the university last month. The Mount Saint Vincent Faculty Association has entered its fourth week of strikes but has announced that talks between the association and the university have resumed. Meanwhile, CUPE 3903, which represents York University contract instructors, teaching assistants, and graduate assistants, has entered the second week of its strike.

Update: CBC reports that MSVU and the faculty union have reached a tentative agreement, with classes expected to resume shortly.

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