Student unions walk out of discussions on sexual violence policy with Concordia

CBC reports that the Teaching and Research Assistant at Concordia (TRAC) union, Concordia Student Union, and Graduate Student Association have walked out of Concordia University‚Äôs standing committee on sexual misconduct and sexual violence. The unions claimed that Concordia cared more about institutional reputation than student safety and that the administration had been dismissive of their voices. CBC reports that the groups have further complained that Concordia still lacks standalone sexual violence policy and that the existing policy neglects survivor’s needs. Concordia spokesperson Vannina Maestracci stated that the university was only notified of the groups’ withdrawal before the first scheduled meeting of the standing committee and that they were not informed of the reasons for the withdrawal. Maestracci further stated that they are attempting to have discussions with the groups to move forward. CBC| Global News Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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