Students across Canada struggle with cost-of-living, tuition increases

A recent article from CBC discusses the challenges postsecondary students are experiencing as the cost-of-living and tuition costs increase. Dane Monkman, a member of Peguis First Nation, noted that the cost of tuition is too high for some students and is advocating for lower tuition rates to make postsecondary education more accessible. Other students described taking out loans, working to cover some of the costs of their education, and concerns over job prospects when their studies are complete. Memorial University international student Gaayathri Murugan noted that the cost of tuition was troubling in the face of fewer work opportunities. “I really feel like international students are treated like cash cows,” said Murugan. “It’s so hard to get out of university and just start your life with so much debt already.” CBC Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.