Students unable to continue in programs as Alberta Academy of Learning branches close without warning 


Three Alberta Academy of Learning branches have closed without warning, leaving students unable to complete their courses or secure a refund. Student Tessa Phillips told CTV News that she discovered the career college had closed its doors in High River, Brooks, and Airdrie when attempting to reach the branches’ owner and director Jennifer Avery. Students told CTV that it has been months since they have been able to attend classes and Phillips noted that she is one of 100 students affected by the situation. “Due to privacy and regulatory requirements, we are unable to comment on these or any specific cases,” said Academy of Learning Managing Director Chris Gignac in a statement to CTV News. “However, we are and have been in continuous contact with the operator of the three schools as well the regulator in Alberta and remain fully committed to supporting all Academy of Learning students in completing their studies.”

CTV News