Supporting international medical graduates, trained professionals to meet Canada’s health care labour needs


Two recent articles highlight the gaps and opportunities in supporting internationally trained medical students and professionals as they seek careers in Canadian communities. In British Columbia, CBC reports that the province is planning to streamline licensing for internationally-trained nurses by reducing the registration waiting period and increasing space in the Practice Ready Assessment program. Former Canadian-trained nurses will also receive funds and bursaries to cover the costs of applications, assessments, and additional education so they can re-enter the system. In Saskatchewan, the Regina Leader-Post reports that the province risks a brain drain as internationally trained medical graduates become frustrated with the long wait times to complete residencies. The Leader-Post reports that many end up finding careers in other countries because they are not selected for residency, but that a change to the system with an increased number of residencies could help address the doctor shortage in a cost-effective, efficient way.

Regina Leader-Post | CBC