The challenges, opportunities associated with designing high-quality websites: Opinion


Several postsecondary staff members have spoken to or written for the evoLLLution about the importance of a having a well-crafted postsecondary website. Kenneth Mashinchi (San Jose State University) discusses the importance of having a high-quality, welcoming website, which he describes as “an institution’s digital front door.” He describes the common challenges that come with managing websites, such as adequate resourcing, consistency across platforms, and meeting accessibility needs. Melony Linder (University of North Dakota) explains that a good website can improve engagement with prospective and current students alike. Linder touches on what students look for in a website: A mobile-friendly interface, a level of anonymity, and the ability to skim information. Megan Horton (Oklahoma State University), Erin Petrotta (OSU), and Andrew Breshears (OSU) echo these points and discuss the experience of running a website in a decentralized university environment.

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