The importance of taking faculty mental health seriously: Editorial


In a recent article for Nature, Amanda Heidt speaks to several principal investigators and academics about the importance of taking faculty mental wellness seriously. Heidt highlights the challenges that arise throughout a career, such as the “crush of new demands” that many early-career faculty members contend with or the loneliness that comes with taking time away from the role. “You end up putting yourself on the back burner often, which you shouldn’t do, but it’s hard not to when there are people relying on you,” said York University Associate Professor Dr Christine Le. Hedit encourages institutions to address systemic mental health challenges by implementing a wellness strategy, improving mental health training, improving the resources available on campus to staff and students alike, and cultivating a stronger culture on campus. As that systemic change is pursued, the article offers a series of tips for researchers looking to support and protect one another in the short-term.