The potential, concerns about AI use in the postsecondary sector: Opinion


In two recent articles for The EvoLLLution, Vistasp Karbhari (University of Texas at Arlington) discusses generative artificial intelligence (AI) in higher education, examining its potential and concerns about its use. In his first article, Karbhari discusses a variety of ways AI can provide support, including personalized learning and tutoring for students, brainstorming assistance, and immersive exposure. Instructors can also benefit from assistance with course curation and updating, assessment, and warnings about learners who are in need of more help. However, in the second article, Karbhari cautions that AI can exacerbate inequities and amplify systemic bias; provide incorrect responses which can be misleading; and introduce problems related to data privacy, the depersonalization of learning, and copyright infringement. The author also notes that faculty are unable to make full use of these tools without greater support and training.

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