UBC SJC members face vitriol, threats after pro-Hamas stickers with organization’s name distributed on campus 


The University of British Columbia’s Social Justice Centre advocacy group has issued a statement denying any involvement with pro-Hamas stickers that have been placed around UBC’s campus with the group’s name on them. CBC reports that members of the group have received threats online as a result of the stickers. “We have never, and would never, promote or condone such messages,” read the SJC statement. “They do not reflect our values and we are deeply concerned that these messages will fuel an already incendiary environment and jeopardize student safety.” Jewish student organization Hillel BC reportedly terminated its relationship with a contractor after learning that the contractor had participated in distributing the stickers. UBC Spokesperson Kurt Heinrich stated that the university has “taken quick action to have the stickers removed” and reported online posts to the RCMP.  

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