Universities pose uniquely attractive opportunity for cyber-attacks

In the wake of the recent cyber incident at the University of Winnipeg, several analysts and reporters have taken a closer look at the growing incidence of cyber-attacks. Queen’s University and Royal Military College Professor Christian Leuprecht told CBC that universities are disproportionately targeted because of their research and intellectual property. Technology analyst Carmi Levy told Global News that universities tend to use multiple systems to gather, access, and manage data, which creates multiple entry points that can be abused by cybercriminals. Both Leuprecht and Levy noted the need for more funding to support preventative cybersecurity actions, such as hiring cybersecurity experts and improving institutional security. In an update on UWinnipeg’s situation, the Winnipeg Free Press noted that the university had rescheduled exams to mid-April.

CBC | Global News | Winnipeg Free Press