Using AI chatbots in education: Opinion

Postsecondary institutions can use ethically-designed AI-powered chatbots to support a quality education for their students, write Nadia Naffi (Université Laval), Ann-Louise Davidson (Concordia University), Auxane Boch (Technical University of Munich), Bruno Kesangana Nandaba (ULaval), and Mehdi Rougui (ULaval). The authors argue that chatbots can provide instant, high-quality guidance at a time when staff are facing overwhelming demands on their time and energy. The authors discuss the necessity of having chatbots that are secure, ethically created, able to understand a variety of questions, and designed to pass people on to a real human operator if necessary. “The university of the future as anticipated by many scholars and policy makers has already started,” write the authors. “Technology, if used ethically and strategically, can support faculty in their mission to prepare their students for the needs of our society and the future of work.” The Conversation Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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