Wolfville encouraged to pilot community-based alternative to RCMP to address high-risk student activities


The Town of Wolfville, which hosts Acadia University, recently called on Saint Mary’s University Professor Stephen Schneider to explore alternative methods that could address issues with the town’s “sometimes rowdy population of university students.” Schneider noted that Wolfville’s issues with nuisance parties and violence are “common in many college towns and cities,” adding that issues ranging from stagnant wages to cyberbullying to the climate change crisis “have taken a toll, creating a dystopian vision of [each student’s] future and contributing to a mental health epidemic.” Drawing on the recommendations of the Mass Casualty Commission’s study and the successes of recent efforts by the town and Acadia to address the issue, Schneider has encouraged Wolfville to pilot a community-based alternative to the RCMP over five years.

Winnipeg Free Press (CP)