World University Rankings provide perspective on inequities in postsecondary for women: Opinion

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings provide another perspective on the inequities present in higher education and careers in academia for women, writes Rosa Ellis. While almost half (49%) of university students across the globe are female, women only made up 37% of faculty in 2019. Ellis says that the rankings’ 2022 data shows the regions and subjects in which women face barriers to progression. The lowest proportions of female students are found in Asia (45%) and South America (50%), while the lowest proportions of female faculty are found in Asia (32%) and North America (41%). The gender ratio also varied drastically by faculty, with engineering reporting the lowest proportion of female students and faculty (25% and 20% respectively). The greatest five-year increase among female faculty was noted in psychology programs in North America (43% to 49%) and clinical and health subjects in South America (49% to 54%). Times Higher Ed (Subscription) Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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