Immigrants who return to education through Canadian PSE have stronger labour market outcomes: Study

Opinion Study

Statistics Canada has published a study of the educational attainment and labour outcomes of immigrants who were admitted to Canada as permanent residents in 2010 while in the core working age of 25 to 54 years old. Overall, principal applicants graduated from Canadian postsecondary institutions at a rate of 13.7%, with this rate being higher among female applicants (14.2%) than among their male counterparts (12.8%), and higher among applicants who resided in Quebec (15.8%). Economic applicants who returned to PSE in Canada typically studied at a similar or lower level than the educational qualifications they already had. The researchers found that those who completed a Canadian postsecondary credential had better employment outcomes than their counterparts who did not attend Canadian higher ed. They noted that the data suggest that some immigrants have difficulties getting their qualifications recognized in Canada and encouraged further research into the reasons for immigrants’ return to education.